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Hi everyone, I am an elementary school teacher from Singapore.

Hi everyone, I am an elementary school teacher from Singapore. I have just bought a drone and am thinking of incorporating it into my classroom teaching and learning. Looking for any ideas on how to achieve this.


  1. Maybe using it to show the scale of things in the real world? 

    Not sure how your schooling system works, or what ages/subjects you specifically teach.  But maybe something to do with the mechanics of the drone? The motors and electronics that make it work. How to solder wires and connections together, explaining how electricity works?

    I remember when I was in grade school we had a class where we learned about flight and how the shape of the wing of an airplane was what gave it the ability to fly. Then we had to make or own planes from cheap materials such as paper maché, rubber bands and things of that nature to see how long we could achieve flight.   That being said (sorry for the trip down memory lane) you could use your drone to demonstrate flight and then possibility have your students try and create their own flying machines?!

    I hope that this was helpful and gave you a couple ideas!  If you can go check out some of the drone videos and playlists that I have on my channel, maybe you can find some more inspiration.


  2. Amos - shoot me an email at We just developed drone engineering curriculum for middle school level, but I'm sure you could extrapolate some of it for elementary school :) You can also find it on

    Kind regards,
    Leslie Bates

  3. Hi Leslie, 

    I just wrote you regarding this. I am working with MS students as well.  I would definitely love the help.  Thank you.  


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