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Has any one heard about the concert drone incident with Enrique Iglesias.

Has any one heard about the concert drone incident with Enrique Iglesias. Long story short, he got some of his fingers cut off from a drone that was suppose to film the crowd. Even though it was his fault, because he grabbed the drone, do you think this will negatively effect the public view on drones.


  1. It is same thing to state will matches or any lighter be affected by fcc or other higher authority regulations....

    Don't fire up combustible items for safety purposes...anybody know that I guess..., but we see fires everywhere !!!

    It's not like they going to ban matches and lighters , they will put people to prison for their own stupidity or for stupidity they have done to other people ....

    Simple as plug and play!!!


  2. Al D. I understand where you are coming from, but drones are a new and emerging technology, a technology many people have a negative view of it, there was a recent car commercial with evil drones as the theme, and if anything goes wrong with drones, those people will use this as ammunition in their fight against drones. It is important that during the infancy of the technology that the public view of drones are positive, so that unneeded rules and regulations limit it. No one is going to say it is the matches fault that you burned yourself, but people will and have already blamed drones, not the stupidity of man, for certain incidents.

  3. I think this will negatively effect the public view on Enrique iglesias lol
    But good question ! humans will always be afraid of the possibility of new make me think of the guy who created a plastic gun during the beginning of the creation of 3D printing....I think it's from us , dronist guys have to make people love this tools and make people dreaming...I'm actually directing a short movie on how drone con be cool and not necessarly a tool from skynet ;) Soryy for my english , keep flying !


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