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Transhuman Juniata

Hello Potential Transhumanists!
To those of you who have already been involved in our conference planning, greetings again.
To those of you for whom this is a new concept, I hope this finds you well and that this email will arouse your interest in our exciting and upcoming conference.
In 2013, Juniata College agreed to host a conference on Transhumanism.  This is a 4-day summer conference happening the last week of July on our beautiful campus in Pennsylvania.
The conference seeks to bring many different groups together in novel combinations.  It will combine investigations of transhumanism with some cultural experiments.  It will foster various technology experiments like circuit bending and transcranial magnetic stimulation all the while opening the door to philosophical and religious discussions on the implications of the digital revolution for the future of our species.  And it will mix high school hackers with college students looking to invent the next big thing in human life-enhancement and with entrepreneurs already knee-deep in the tech industry.  We think this unique combination will make for some cross-generational creativity.
We really want to unleash human creativity for the human future!
I want to alert you to an upcoming milestone in our preparations.  We are slated to go live with our webpages beginning November 1, 2014.  This means our website will begin accepting registrations for the conference and accepting paper and project proposals for the many sessions we plan.
- Are you interested in regenerative health issues?  There is a place for you.
- Are you interested in wearable technology for health and self-understanding?  There is a place for you?
- Are you worried about a potential surveillance society?  There is a place for you.
- Do do you see religious potential in a new transhuman movement?  There is a place for you.
- Do you want to experiment with personal drones for fun and business?  There is a place for you.
- Do you think 3D printing will revolutionize American life?  There is a place for you.     
This list barely scratches the surface of the amazing list of exciting topics that await you at this conference!
You can already visit our site at: transjuniata
You can join our online discussion groups on both Google+ and Facebook from the conference webpages.
And of course you can email me at or my delightful co-chair Alison Earnhart at
So take a look at our webpages, have your mind expanded, and then expand it for others!  You won't regret it!
Feel free to share this email with others you think might be interested.
Donald M. Braxton
Don Braxton
J Omar Good Professor of Religious Studies
Juniata College
Huntingdon, PA


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