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The historical perspective

The historical perspective


  1. Clarkson's thesis of a backpack computer with forward and backward video seems to be the most of what was learned aka the residue from the MIT Cyborgs.  Thad went on to build really extensive capture technology that Gemmell and I referenced in Total Recall "I did it first" articles and PR aboud. But like most technology... "who cares"? 

    As a an engineer,  I appplaud and envy the Google folks for providing the world something to specuate about... and USE!  Am happy to bet about Glass's on the optimistic side of where it goes... just name the terms and we'll see if we can construct a nice 5 year out bet.

    Can we also declare of moratorium on speculation, while we get real, not imagined experience?

  2. In the serendipity of ideas coming together at one point I read the line "with forward and backward video" just after wondering how long it would take before there is a glass app developed that streams from a backwardly mounted camera allowing for the "eyes in the back of your head" ?


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