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Thad Starner is an Invited Speaker at #istas13 #veillance - Professor

Thad Starner is an Invited Speaker at #istas13   #veillance  - Professor
Georgia Institute of Technology, Director of the Contextual Computing Group 

Paper Title
Mobile Music Touch:  Passive Haptic Learning and Rehabilitation

Wearable computers have great potential to improve users' health and ability to learn.  An unusual example is our Mobile Music Touch (MMT) glove which allows users to learn to play piano melodies without focusing on the lesson.  The song to be learned is loaded on to a mobile phone, which plays the song repeatedly in the user's earphones. As each note is played, the glove taps the finger corresponding to the appropriate key on a piano keyboard.  The user learns the "muscle memory" of the song even though he is attending another task.

Our recent study suggests that MMT improves hand sensation for people with tetraplegia due to partial spinal cord injury.  Our participants used the glove for eight weeks to learn piano melodies and showed significant hand sensation improvements compared to control.  Our participants were over a year past injury, when improvements are considered to taper off and insurance often no longer covers rehabilitation services.  MMT may provide a cost effective means for continuing rehabilitation while the user is mobile and with minimal intrusion on the wearer's daily activities. - Read more at


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