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Love the campaign that Google and Google supporters have launched in the last 48 hours.

Love the campaign that Google and Google supporters have launched in the last 48 hours. Great marketing strategy! It's always so much easier to "Like" than to "Dislike". I blame Facebook for this :)

Who said anything about hating Glass? I think the whole idea behind questioning beta products has to be about future readiness and making the products more robust, and raising levels of consumer awareness toward adoption.

Do you know the story of the drunken man who lost his watch on his way home after a late night at the pub? As he searched near the lamp-post, a passer-by came to him and asked: "Man, what are you doing?"
He replied, "I'm I'mmmmm looookkking forrr my myyy wwatchchchch!"
The passer-by questioned: "Where did you lose it exactly? I will help you find it."
The drunk man replied: "Overrr ththere" pointing to the darkness.
The baffled passer-by asked dumbfounded: "So what are you doing looking for your watch under the lamp-post?"
The drunk man said: "Silly fffriend, how can I ffffind my wwwwatch in the ddddark? The light is bbbright, right here!"

We could have a good old tennis rally over the PLUSES and PERILS of Digital Glass-- keeping the slugging and slinging going back and forth over the Net... but what is missing is the earnest debate and moreso admittance that SOLUTIONS are still required. No one is debunking the pluses of such an innovation; but to debunk the risks and perils is just being narrow-sighted. 

Sure, I could stay under the bright lamp-post, and give you the "best of" Digital Glass stories, like the drunken man depicted above- it's really easy to do so as well, and one might even sound hip and 'with the times' doing it: The Potential Benefits of Digital Glass

But what about the perils? What about the risks? Don't tell me there aren't any? Or is that question now redundant for some reason?

Utopia? Here? Tell that to the parents of the kid who suicides over recorded footage that goes semi-viral on YouTube or Facebook before it is blocked... Yeah, I hear the echo- same old story and arguments you say... time for people to grow up... yadda yadda yadda... blah blah blah....

Googlers, you should be at #istas13  #veillance  We all have nothing to lose by openly discussing our praises for what we are creating, our hopes for what is coming, our concerns for what has not yet been considered, and solutions for what we know will have significant societal implications. We need to admit to this creative symbiosis, not declare that it is irrelevant, backward, and damaging.

Launching a device to 8,000 Explorers, most of whom are either early adopters of new innovations or prosumers or co-creators is not an answer to trialability, but yet another marketing strategy! We need to do better than that... and we can, if we put our minds to it.


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