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Guys, is it good decision of making a model drone for a state/country level science exhibition?

Guys, is it good decision of making a model drone for a state/country level science exhibition?
Like it would help in keeping track on animals in the wildlife park, or anyother place.
Also whats the cheapest and the best setup I should go with for surveillance - A Glider?


  1. Hi Rahul,

    A motor glider is exactly what I am using at the moment for a cat tracking project ukulalela listen The thing is how do you plan to detect the animals, you will not see anything much smaller than a cow with an FPV setup. Thermal imaging works well but will almost certainly be outside of your budget.

    When you say cheap don't expect a bill much smaller than $1000 if you currently have nothing.

    Do not skimp on the command and control link.

    I don't think you can go wrong with this sort of platform learn to fly RC before anything else.



  2. Hi Gary,

    I dont think I should go with a drone. People in the last year exhibition made projects like tesla coil, conservation of energy, irrigation systems, etc.

    What do you think, is my idea good and practical? Could I use APM and a self made foam plane? 


  3. You could self make the plane, with long wings gliders need a bit of strength. Did you have a design in mind?

  4. Hobbyking bixler like? Whats the simplest design that APM supports?

  5. Well I am flying just rudder elevator, have a look around here for inspiration

  6. Yup. Excellent website. 

    But the problem is that is it useful for daily life for a country? and is somewhat related to science?
    Could I present it in a state level science exhibition?

  7. I don't know anything about those, but I would guess anything that is well thought out and planned would work.

  8. Okay, and do you think drones are really important for a country?

    Would it be easy to fly and make a simple drone in a week or two?
    I have made 3 multirotors but have never made or flown a plane or heli.

  9. Well yes, but I would say that. If you have made a quad fly you will be astounded how simple fixed wing platforms are and for how much longer they fly. The person to ask is the person marking the assignment!

  10. Okay. Thanks a lot Gary, I will get back to you once I finalize the project. 


  11. Okay, Gary, I am ready to start this project. I think I will buy a ready to fly plane and put the APM with 6H inside.
    could you recommend me the cheapest and the best plane for this purpose.
    I have a 2200mAh 20C 3S battery.

    And make sure the plane you suggest has enough space for fpv.

    Also whats the cheapest camera I could use for my purpose?

  12. I selected sky walker. :)
    What UBEC do you use with APM to power it?


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