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This is where it's heading.

This is where it's heading. It's been a mind boggling experience being here in Finland because I'm getting a better perspective on the potentials that these project connections realise -


  1. It will be fascinating to see how their consciousness evolves once their hooked up. Not sure what I mean by "their" though.I hope that it leads to cures for brain degenerative diseases.

  2. on the other hand, it will make teaching a whole lot easier when I can just upload my mind - goodbye content creation

  3. Old technology being marketed to the masses, here is a famous example of 1969 wired up brain technology
    Remote Control Bull 
    I expect it will be pretty easy to sell

  4. That was a great presentation Sparker. Thanks for pointing us back to it again!!!

  5. “For example, there might be a drug, which, without other harmful effects, removed the urgency of sexual desire, and reproduced in humanity the status of workers in a beehive. Or there might be another drug that produced a permanent state of contentment in the recipient – after all alcohol does something like this already, thought it has other disadvantages and is only temporary in its effects. A dictator would certainly welcome the compulsory administration of the “contentment drug” to his subjects.
    ~The Next Million Years by Charles Galton Darwin (1953)~
    Page 183

    To produce effects of these kinds there must be a master, and the master must be above and not subject to the procedure he is enforcing on his subjects. The dictator could not afford himself to take the “contentment drug” , because if he did his capacity for rule would certainly degenerate. It always comes back to the same point, that to carry out any policy systematically in such a way as permanently to influence the human race, there would have to be a master breed of humanity, not itself exposed to the conditions it is inducing in the rest. 
    ~The Next Million Years by Charles Galton Darwin (1953)~
    Page 185

    Two great quotes from one of Darwin's progeny for context of the WHY the " master breed of humanity" would want the brain chip for the masses. So lucid.

  6. It will be fascinating to watch their eugenicist transhumanist dream lurch along in my lifetime. Most won't blink.


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