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The Aussie Coursera? A new homegrown MOOC platform arrives


  1. Yep - Stephan Ridgway pointed this out over at the Conversation.

  2. ah, sorry for the repost. I had to smile when I read: "Mr Bowen, ... said “we don’t yet know what the full impact online forces will have on the delivery of higher education. But we know it’s going to have a big impact… and we know that any university or any institution that doesn’t respond and offer flexible programs is going to fall behind.”

    "going to fall behind"? Mental images of firmly bolted empty stables ensued

  3. Correct. Meanwhile we can sell the idea that m-learning is an ipad in a kids hand. The paradox of it all is that the ass talks louder than the head and it seems to be being followed of late.


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