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  1. Hey Alex- top post as we get ready for our UAS forum on 30th June at Ryerson!

    For those who haven't heard about the separate one day free event we are hosting the day after iEEE ISTAS- follow this link:

    But for those just coming to ISTAS13 (27-29 June) you will hear from Ontario's Information and Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian on the topic of drones at the end of Day One!

  2.'s spooky how closely aligned all of this is now and it's great to see that the larger conversation (pardon the pun) spaces are paying attention to what is occurring in parallel big data discussions.

  3. These were always going to be on a head on collision with each other- big thing is if its converging deliberately to annihilate what's left of privacy as we know it today. It's very easy to tout the benefits of big data and put forward utilitarianism as an approach to normative ethics- the common good vs the individual (asymmetry on steroids).

    Big data will cure the world of illness and woes; so oversight from above, below, side-ways, any-ways, is the way to free us from the shackles of today. How do we make this happen without the massive side-effects that many of us foresee but few speak up about?


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