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G-Frame short video's

G-Frame short video's


  1. Fascinating video. Could you tell us what kind of flight controller/autopilot you were using on this system? How much time did it take to design, build, and fly?

  2. Thanks Matthew, 
    In this video we are using to of the G-frames, one with DJI Naza flight Controller with GPS and the other is ARM 2.5 controller with GPS all from 3DR at We started this frame design about 6 months ago and had several prototypes made and it took us a while to get everything just right. I think we built 7 different prototype in all. To get the best performance the arm position, length and height had to be just right for the CG. Then we worked on Gimbal and mount so that we reduce as much Jello as possible. This is the end results. The build time can be done in about 2-4 hours.


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