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A creative use of an FPV capable quad.

A creative use of an FPV capable quad... giving a resident of a nursing home who is confined to a wheelchair the gift of flight. Great write-up of a creative use for this technology:


  1. Matthew, this is amazing. Thank you for sharing this story. Stories like this are EXACTLY what "drones" for good is all about.

  2. He posted on RC groups and the community response was amazing, Clearly there are a lot of people who are building drones who wish to do good

  3. Thinking about it this could be a very good idea for other FPV groups around the country to try. People who are unable to leave their rooms or have a freedom of movement can be given an opportunity to experience the freedom of flight a drone can offer . I think they would be good press stories and give a positive slant to UAV\s

  4. What a great post. Thanks for sharing this Matthew Lyon


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