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Hi all

Hi all

Looks like 4 of us so far in the group :>

2013 is well under way and Alex is off OS on matters surrounding veillances of all kinds and we thought it would be an apt moment to record another TalkingVTE episode. Date is not quite locked in so let me know what suits. Some time next week when Alex is away. I have created a wiki notes page so feel free free to add topics of interest. 

Feed back from the last session is that we need some more structure and direction to abate long winded digressions, so if we can have some discernable topics to address that would be great.


  1. I'm really busy Fringing over the next several weeks so I'd rather wait till after March 15. But if you choose a date before then you never know.....

  2. Looks good to me Stephan.  Your a Moderator in this group and I'm finding the 'invitation' button good so perhaps just fire off some invitations from within this group out and about :)


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