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Hello! So glad to discover this community. I'm a geeky professional helicopter pilot in Oregon working with the local fire department to employ a quadcopter on their HAZMAT response team. Looking forward to meeting the folks who would gather under this moniker... and thank you to the moderators. Cheers! 

btw - this is where I first heard of the community!


  1. Johnathan, I'm glad we can have experienced people like you join the group. That sounds like good work you're up to. What kind of functionality is the FD looking for in their quadcopter?

  2. Thanks, Matthew! We're planning to start with a Steadidrone/GoPro combo and just try to provide excellent FPV, at first... Of course, there's room for all kinds of sensors in our thinking, but we're taking it one step at a time!

  3. Excellent! Please keep us all updated on developments. Thank you for joining our group.

  4. Welcome! We are very happy for you to join us and look forward to your updates !


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