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Is there anyway we can set TALO up all across the web and feed it in and out at each location?

Is there anyway we can set TALO up all across the web and feed it in and out at each location? How can people post to the emailGroup and this G+ at the same time? I think it can be done by posting to the G+ and adding the eGroup's email. How can the LinkedIn group catch the messages, and post in from there? How might a Facebook group get connected? Twitter? I know the Google Group has an RSS feed, and that feed could be picked up in Facebook I think. And if the FB group had the Twitter widget on, then posts there could get crossed to Twitter and LinkedIn.. If we can work it out, TALO would be hot.


  1. From what I can work out these groups 'identity' driven in that each individual is exposed with the ability to trace back to the core profile of that individual. I'm sure that amongst us all that we would have the know for all how to feed it this way and that. For me LinkedIn is one of the worst examples of spamming I've seen yet so if that conection didnt exist I'd have no issues....probably likewise the blue-screen-of-death (FB).

  2. I reckon we should set up a blue wall of death talo page, and connect it up with the linked in group. #talo for tweets, rss in and out. I'm inclined to migrate the wikispaces to Wikiversity, and discipline all of talo to free softare, formats and licenses.

  3. Leigh Blackall The most workable option for this still seems RSS (happy to set up some Yahoo Pipes to concentrate the sources). Unfortunately RSS seems to be retired by a lot of the platforms you mentioned avove.

    Twitter has killed of RSS as of August 2012 - but hashtag (as well as user) archives are  easily build via a Google Spreadsheet that can be embedded in any Wiki page. Still use to post for that reason.

    Google+ has never officially supported (but there is fairly decent support by third parties as the API is fairly decent and open).

    Flickr seems to be getting some (well deserved) attention again and has exemplary RSS support

    Most 'curation tools' have good support - currently playing with (on recommendation from Michael Coghlan) after staying away from these tools so far.

    LinkedIN has very rudimentary support for status messages only (none for Groups) - tends to be a bit of a 'silo' from my experience.

    Not so sure on Facebook these days as I prefer to stay away from there.

  4. ok, thanks for this Leo. How to proceed...

    I think we need TALO on the platforms people are using, and we need messages reaching this platforms.

    1. Google Group has RSS out.

    2. Flickr has groups and hash tags, both with RSS out.

    3. YouTube has tags with RSS out. So does Slideshare

    4. Wikiversity et al have RSS out for edit history (but it is strangely difficult to Getty TALO ppl using that wiki, tho I will persust with expecting ppl to do so)

    5. TALO people who blog have RSS out (GNUChris used to maintain a WordPress aggregation of feeds called Planet TALO)

    6. I'm not sure how to get G+ out

    7. If all these feeds can come in to a Pipe, then we'd just use something like the NetworkBlogs apllication to display everything in FaceBook.

    8. The Twitter application can relay from FB to Twitter, or I think there are 3rd party apps that can take an RSS feed and post it on Twitter..

    9. Linked In can update from FB, Twitter, Slideshare, Flickr and Blog feeds.

  5. can we setup and share editing access to a Yahoo Pipe?

  6. Unfortunately AFAIK you can not co-edit a pipe. Only share the result.

  7. is the modern replacement for Yahoo Pipes - it is by no means perfect but it creates the sort of plumbing needed. I would use it a lot more but it's proprietary. What is needed is an open version of ifttt.

  8. Thanks SD.. Might GrassHopper become that?

  9. Yes, that's what I'd like to do. The major issue now is writing the specialized code to aggregate from individual services.

  10. Leo?

    When I get a chance, or maybe others go ahead, I'd like to experiment with a distributed but well networked TALO presence. I think the discoveries would inform connectivist activity like the original MOOC, but other things too. TALO already has:
    FLNW Blogger (and other project blogs I'd hope)
    Flickr tags
    Delicious tags media
    Linked In (but no members)

    We need:
    A Facebook page
    A Wikiversity page and/or category tag
    A Wikimedia Commons category
    A Wikipedia book collection
    The RSS feeds from the the edit history of all these wikis

  11. it occurs to me that GoogleGroups could be used as the aggregation point. Nearly all these services provide email alerts and summaries, and RSS feeds can be sent to email. We could channel them to a generic email address, and then fwd from that email address into a GoogleGroup. If we set up a new GoogleGroup, joined the generic email to fwd the alerts and summaries - then set the GoogleGroup to send back a weekly summary. That weekly summary would then get fwded into TALO from the generic email. I think it would work...

  12. Stephen Downes one Open Source alternatives to IFTTT I found is Whenbot (although the dependencies on that one scare me) but so far I did not find the time to play with it. There is DERI pipes which is a Yahoo pipes clone, but that is getting a bit old.

    Leigh Blackall The GoogleGroups option scares me a bit as most people struggle with email floods already and the web UI is not the most friendly environment. 

    After tomorrow I will have a bit of head-space to devote to something like this as things have been mad this week. I am sure with all of the combined talent in this group we should be able to come up with a workable option.

  13. perhaps we could document the effort in a Wikiversity page.. maybe as a sub page to Networked Learning

  14. We could document this document in a wiki also via the discussion page so why aren't we there? Why are we in here do you think?

  15. I ask you that question every day Alex. Every day, you dodge it. I spend about 1/10th of my time here compared to the wikis

  16. Thats why your in there Leigh. We all appreciate just how much time and energy it takes to administer and to re-write histo-correctly. I'll need your able tuition to proceed.


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